Comments? Suggestions? Mail me. I'm kinda slow on response now, too much work and too much mail... on average I receive about 200 e-mails/day, most of them because of my job as a system administrator. Anyway, usually I don't lose any mail and probably will answer, if time permits and I will have something to say :)

Here is some blah blah blah from LinkExchange. Really useless stuff. I don't know why I am still keeping this. May be because I started this account long time ago...


Yahoo! [The List of Russian Web Servers]

Place to get design ideas and tips: Ozone's bandwidth-eating pages. Don't click here if you don't want to spend several hours watching amazing graphics.

Here are statistics for those who care. It starts from the day when I moved these pages to www.gunlab.com.ru domain. Alas, move cost me half of visitors, but I had no choice :(

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